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27 Nov

The Canoe Paddle Incident

As many of you may know, the Rees family has a long and storied tradition of ridiculous family gatherings.   This

20 Nov

Orca Whales

Every time I watch the Colbert Report or the Daily Show, the guest author makes me question my ability to

18 Nov

I Just Want Your Half

The house was cold.  With my eyes half-closed, I felt around the bed, finding nothing more than an ancient goldenrod

10 Nov

Union of Felicity

After listening to the newest singles, “Always the Bridesmaid,” from the Decemberists (fittingly, while reading about the Decembrist Movement) I

8 Nov

Bison, South Dakota

I keep a copy of Kerouac’s On the Road in my glove compartment.  At first, I just put it there

5 Nov

Eagle 1 Fox (Box) 2

In a bid to win CNN coverage, I spent about 10 hours on the road yesterday. It all started in

My First Dance

John Fairbanks danced happily to a terrible song, and I drank my beer. It was cold, and I was young

The Turkish Straights

She sat at the counter of the small cafe staring at her notebook and nursing an ice water. I was

Mispronouncing Verisimilitude

Water dripped down the old chimney, splashing onto cold bricks that hadn’t felt fire in half a century. My bed

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